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Matthias Seidel is the founder and former CEO of TRANSFERMARKT, one of the leading websites for football transfers and market values worldwide. His passion for football and entrepreneurial talent have helped make TRANSFERMARKT a must-visit site for all those interested in the world of football.

Seidel began his career in 2000 with the launch of TRANSFERMARKT. With his vision of providing a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information for football fans, journalists and clubs, he quickly established the website as an essential tool for anyone interested in the sport. Under Seidel's leadership, TRANSFERMARKT developed a wide range of content including transfer news, market values, statistics, and analysis.

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    more than 35 experience in the online field. With this expertise I help you to support your company.

Who we are

Why we are the Best

Investing and founding new business models is an exciting and rewarding pursuit for many entrepreneurs. It requires a lot of planning, research, and commitment to bring a concept to life and make it successful in the marketplace. There are numerous challenges and opportunities associated with this venture, but the potential rewards are often worth the effort. With the right resources, an investor or business founder can develop a model that brings success, stability, and increased profits to their venture.

It is important to understand the basics of the venture, the industries and markets involved, the financial implications, and the risks and rewards associated with the project. With these key components in place, an investor or business founder can move forward with confidence and create a profitable business model that can stand the test of time.

Who we are

We work with companies to identify their brands.

Do you want to establish and design a successful business? You need the right support and advice. We can provide you with these services and help you make your dreams a reality. Our company offers an extensive range of services that provide practical advice and guidance to help you create and design your own business.

We have the expertise and experience to assist you in every step of the process, from the initial idea to the successful implementation. We are committed to helping you succeed in the business world and will provide you with the knowledge and resources to ensure your success. With our help, you can make your business a reality and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.





Es ist nicht wichtig, wie groß der erste Schritt ist, sondern in welche Richtung er geht.

About the LOGO

The logo of Online-Pro GmbH consists of a giant Ferris wheel with gondolas. The giant Ferris wheel symbolizes the constant movement and change that is characteristic for the company and its projects. It also represents the ups and downs that each project goes through, just like a giant Ferris wheel has ups and downs.

The gondolas on the giant Ferris wheel represent the projects that the company develops and operates. Each gondola is unique and has its own story and character, just like each project that the company handles.

The logo of Online-Pro GmbH also shows that the company offers its customers a breathtaking view of the future. By using advanced technologies and a tailor-made approach to each project, Online-Pro GmbH helps its customers strengthen their online presence and achieve their goals.

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"Durch die Tätigkeit als Gründer von erfolgreichen Start-ups weiß ich, wie man ein Unternehmen aufbaut."




"Durch versch. Tätigkeiten in versch. Firmen, habe ich Erfahrung im gesamten Medienspektrum."

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Sitz Hamburg, Amtsgericht Hamburg, HRB 167769,
Geschäftsführer: Matthias Seidel


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Online-Pro GmbH
Wandsbeker Zollstraße 5a
22041 Hamburg

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Matthias Seidel


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